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For those of you who are curious about how I got started...

I was bored while serving on a small Destroyer off the coast of Viet Nam in 1970. Upon return to port, I went to the base hobby shop and bought a Tandy Leathercraft Starter Kit. On our next cruise I started practicing carving and tooling using the provided book. I have taught myself by utilizing trial and error for many years and also by experimenting with different finishing techniques.

Upon discharge from the U.S. Navy, I went to work in an iron foundry. I continued with the leathercraft, selling by word of mouth doing mostly items as they were ordered.

In 1992 the rumors were that the foundry would be closing. With help from a neighbor that did some of the local craft shows, I set up at a few of the local shows to see how I could do. I continued to work full time and do craft shows until the foundry did in fact close in the winter of 1994. I enjoyed meeting with other crafters and with the public and decided this was what I wanted to try. I have been operating Dennis Doaty Leathercraft as a full time business since that time.  In 2001 I became owner of the domain name doatyleather.com.

I am a member of the International Internet Leathercrafter's Guild. Other memberships include the National Trapper's Association and Life Member of the Pennsylvania Trapper's Association.

I have entered some of my work in the local county fairs and received numerous ribbons, including many Blue Ribbons.

In June 2006 the business was moved from Reading, PA to New Florence, PA to be closer to family.


Any questions, feel free to email me at cowhide@doatyleather.com   

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