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Leather Accessories enhance everyday items such as knives, combs, cigarette cases and lighters, snuff cans, etc. These products are usually inexpensive, making them ideal as gifts.

Hand tooled cigarette case with or without lighter holderHand tooled cigarette case with or without lighter holder

Cigarette Case with Lighter Holder. Made from fairly stiff cowhide, this item is very customizable with initials, designs, short names, or even a belt loop. Also available without lighter holder. Can be combined with Zippo case shown below. Please note that designs will differ slightly but it can be made to fit the old "King Size" or "120's" The one shown is for the standard size 100's
Item number: CIGLA $ 28.95

More design ideas

Item number CIGNL $ 23.95 (w/o)

BEE STING KIT. This item was made to carry an Epi-pen to use for allergic reactions. It features a sewn on belt loop. Also shows with the EMS Emblem. Initials could be added to the lower front of the case at no extra charge. Item number BSK-epi $19.95

Belt knife holder caseWorkshop tool case and mini-mag light case

Knife Holder is available in two sizes. Small holds up to 4" penknife and Large holds up to 5" penknife. Has a sewn belt loop on back, and snap on front. Includes choice of impression on front and/or initial on flap. Shades of dye range from light to dark. Hand sewn with heavy waxed thread. Not shown are Mini-Maglight and Multi-tool Holders
Item number: KHSMA (small) $ 10.95

Item number: KHLGA (large) $ 15.95

Shown on right side is the mini-mag light holder
Item number: MMLH (minimag) $ 13.95

Center image is the "Workshop Multitool Holder that holds the Leatherman style multi tools in a size that is 4" long x 1¼" wide and ¾" thick. Other size cases can be made to fit if I am given the measurements. Prices will be higher. Email for info.
Item number: MTH (multi-tool) $ 13.95

Belt Pocket Watch Case

Belt Pocket Watch Case will hold a standard 2 1/8" diam pocket watch which is an American Size 18. Has a sewn belt loop on back that will fit belts up to 2½" wide. Has an eyelet on the back for the watch chain. Includes choice of design and/or initials on front. Can also be custom cut without the flap if desired. Hand sewn with heavy waxed thread.

Item number: BPWC $15.95

Skoal and Snuff Can Caddy and Zippo Lighter holder

Snuff Can Caddy for a standard can of popular brands of smokeless tobacco. Has a sewn belt loop on back. Includes choice of design or initials on front. Hand sewn with heavy waxed thread. Top left has a snap over the belt loop. Center designed to hang below, whereas right hangs at belt level. My grand daughter has informed me these will also hold a can of the bubble gum tape or the red cans of shredded beef jerky.

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND these are now being hand cut and are again available.
Item number (left): SNHDRA $ 18.95

Item number (center): SNHDRB $ 18.95

Item number (right): SNHDRC $ 18.95

Zippo Lighter Case keeps standard sized zippos handy on your belt. Has a sewn belt loop on back. Includes choice of design or initials on front. Hand sewn with heavy waxed thread.
Item number: ZIPA $ 12.95

Belt Key Holder with quick release, chap snap, spring snap, or harness snap

Chap Snap


Quick Release

Harness Snap

Spring Snap

Key Holders come in a variety of styles and patterns. All are designed to snap over a belt up to 2 1/2" wide. Available also with a rivet if more security is needed. Price includes a design and/or initials. Style A is narrow (approx 3/4" wide). Styles B through E are 1 1/4" to 2 1/4" wide (your choice). Designs are also interchangeable. Please email me if you have any special requests.
Style A: Standard Key Snap. Limited designs. Item number: KHSA $ 5.95

Style B: Nickel Plated Chap Snap. Item number: KHSB $ 8.95

Style C: Quick Release (Trucker) Style Key Holder. Item number: KHSC $ 8.95

Style D: Heavy Brass or Nickel Harness Snap. Item number: KHSD $ 10.95

Style E: Spring Clip with Nickel or Brass Plate. Item number: KHSE $ 11.95

Style F: Key Caddy with Nickel Plated Chap Snap and Ring. Large leather backing piece protects pants and can be customized in many ways. Item number: KHKCF $ 16.95


Stick barrettes in assorted designs.  Butterfly, knot, oval

Pony Tail Holders are available in many styles. Styles A & B include choice of design and/or initials. Please indicate your choice. Style A: Large Stick. Item number: PTLS $ 8.95

Style B: Oval. Item number: PTOS $ 8.95


Style D: Plain Butterfly. Item number: PTPB $ 8.95

Style E: Fancy Butterfly. Item number: PTFB $11.95


Horseshoe pony tail holder using horseshoe nail Photo showing horse shoe barrette in the hair

Horseshoe Barrettes. A very unique hairpiece accessory. These are designed to be worn with a pony tail, with hair under upper design area, pulled through lower opening. Barrette snaps under pony tail and real horseshoe nail (unused, of course) holds barrette and hair in place. Used for medium to thick tails. Full range of colors and hand lace colors available. Almost any design or stamp. Click here for some additional photos. Even alternate "running stitch" designs (shown bottom left). Item number: HSB $ 11.95

Leather barrette using a 60 mm clip riveted to the back

Clip Barrette. The clip barrette uses a 60 mm (3" ) metal clip which I rivet to the leather. It will not come apart. The bottom right shows the clip side of the barrette. Can be used for any thickness of hair. Many other shapes and designs are available. Any range of colors can be used. Please email me with any special requests for shape, design, or colors. Item number: CLPBAR $8.95

Clip Barrette with laced edge

Princess Style Barrette. This barrette uses a 3" "French Clip" barrette back. Front is hand tooled leather with choice of designs and colors. It is glued to a suede backing with the clip back sandwiched in between. The edge is then punched and laced using the Western Double Loop stitch with your choice in color of lace. Item number: P3CB $16.95

Large style princess barrette

Princess Style Barrette (large size) This barrette has the same leather and style of clip as the smaller barrette described above however this uses a 4" barrette back and will hold much more hair. Also features a double catch system if less hair is held in the clip. Other design ideas are available including the designs shown above either with or without a border. Item number: P4CB $18.95

Braid holder done with speed lace boot hooks Braid holder with lace and beads

Braid Holder. This pony tail holder is suitable for both men and women and comes in a variety of colors, laces and patterns. Almost any small stamp may be used, including Harley-Davidson type designs, animals, skull & crossbone and initials. Pony tail pulls through upper leather section which criss-cross laces underneath and hangs free or may be braided with hair and tied below as shown. Used for thin to very thick tails (custom if above 3.5") Assorted beads included at ends of laces. Now available with boot lace hooks(speed lacers) at additional cost. Item number: BHB $ 9.95

Item number: BHB(SL) $ 12.95

Big Girl and Little Girl suede purses with animal faces painted or drawn on flap

Suede Flap Purse made with blue suede and various designs Hand painted on front. Almost any line art can be used with a combination of colors. Brass or nickel plated turn lock closure. Available in small or large. Strap 24" or 28" Small is popular with pre-teens, large with young teens. Soft suede available in wide variety of colors.

Item number: SFPSMBA (small) $ 18.95

Little Girl Suede Purse

Item Number SFPLGBA (large) $ 22.95

Big Girl Suede Purse.

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