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This page shows some of the baskets and a short Bio of one of the basket makers that is using handles and straps that I provide. For info on the baskets please contact the maker direct. For info on your needs for basket hardware please contact me at baskets@doatyleather.com

Sue Carrillo

7147 Bonnie Brae Lane

Colorado Springs, CO 80922



I have been weaving baskets and teaching basket weaving for 15 years. As a military spouse of 23 years, I traveled around the world and studied the weaving styles and materials of many cultures and worked to incorporate those influences into my own craft. In recent years I began studying decorative artistry, specifically tole painting, and have enjoyed combining the two art forms by painting designs on basket lids, bases, handles and wide strips of wood woven into baskets. I have participated in arts and crafts shows in the United States and Europe; and most recently, after retiring from military life, I have concentrated on teaching and participating in shows throughout the state of Colorado.

All my baskets have a tung oil based finish, either natural or with an oak or walnut color.

Bread Basket with braided leather handle

The wood-burned bread basket has a hardwood base with the wood-burned design "give us this day our daily bread", leather braided handles, it's woven with natural reed and reed that is dyed dark green, and it's dimensions are 16 1/2" long X 12" wide X 5 " high.

bread basket with wood burned bottom

Inside view of bread basket

Large and Small trays

The larger tray is woven with an oak base, with natural and dyed reed, leather handles and comes with a hard plastic insert (a divided tray for various foods) and it's dimensions are 14 1/2 " diameter X 4" high.


Large Cane Tray with leather handles and wood burned bottom

The cane and reed bowl has a hardwood base with the fruit basket wood-burned design, it's woven with natural flat and round reed, and Nantucket cane, and has braided leather handles. It's dimensions are 15" diameter X 5" high

Round tray with burned bottom

Inside view of cane and reed bowl

Picnic Basket

The Uncle Sam Picnic basket has an oak base, oak swing handles, and an oak lid (with the Uncle SAM painted design) and of course the leather hinges. It's woven with natural reed and reed that is dyed red and blue, and it's dimensions are 16" long X 11" wide X 12" high.

Again for any info on the baskets please email Sue C @ thebasketwoman@hotmail.com

and for info on these and any other leather strap, handles, etc, email me