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Suede Black Powder Bag with pocket and fringe

BLACK POWDER BAG (SUEDE) This bag is based on the same base pattern as the Southwest purse. It has a pocket hand sewn inside. The shoulder strap is adjustable with a series of holes and thong. Extra long thongs allow for the tying of various accessories to the strap. Highly customizable. Can be done with any line art. I have done one with an elk for the local chapter of the Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation. Can be done with or without fringe. Item SBPB. Price $51.95

COW'S KNEE. This is a soft suede cover used to "Keep your powder dry". It is put over the flint and powder pan on a Flintlock rifle to help keep moisture out. There is a hole on the opposite side to tie the lace to that prevents it from falling off while moving through the woods. This is special made at 13" long and covers the rear site also. Various shades of brown suede could be used. Item CKC. Price $19.95

Hot Sauce habanero bottle holster

HOT SAUCE HOLSTER Originally requested by a gentleman in CA, this is designed to carry a standard 5 oz. bottle of hot sauce (Habanero) on the belt. The pocket that holds the bottle is hand sewn and uses waxed thread. There is a strap that snaps around the neck of the bottle for added security. Colors are unlimited but most popular is black and medium brown. If ordering through PayPal, please specify color and plain or design. Can add an initial or stamped design (chili pepper or other design) on the pocket front. These are carried by "The Angry Pepper" Check them out for Hot Sauces that fit in the Holster Item HSH. Price $20.95


Check out the sleigh bell strips on the holiday page as a dog training devise to train the dog to go outside when needed. They are recommended by some of my local obedience trainers.

SLIT BRAID DOG LEASH Used in dog obedience classes for a good feel of what the dog is doing. This is a good strong leash made of 3/4" wide latigo leather. It consists of two strips of leather that is braided into itself. Uses a good nickle plated solid brass snap to attach to the collar or harness. Will measure about 5 feet from the end of the snap to the end of the hand hold. It is also done in a shorter version and is used as a traffic lead and in places where an ordinance requires a short leash. The traffic leash will measure between 26" and 32".
Full size lead Item SBDL. Price $45.95

Traffic lead Item SBTL. Price $25.95

Pixie style treasure bag for marbles, pogs, jacks etc

DRAW STRING BAG This item is 4 ½" high and 2 ½" in diameter. Can be used to carry all types of little trinkets and treasures. Suede color is normally brown but other colors available. The leather tooling strip is very customizable and names could be substituted for the designs. Item DSBPP. Price $12.95

Belt pen and pencil holder

PEN & PENCIL HOLDER This item is designed to slip on a belt. The size is approx. 2 ½" by 6 ½" with the pocket being 4" deep. Also can be used to hold a small AA size penlight. This item is hand sewn with waxed cotton thread. Could utilize initials in place of design and basketweave. Item PPH Price $9.95

Belt Pipe holder and cigar case

CIGAR CASE This item is hand sewn with waxed thread and is designed to hold 3 6" 50 ring gauge cigars. Designs and colors are unlimited however price could increase with special designs. A name could be placed on the flap or loop at no added cost. Item LFCC. Price $30.95

PIPE HOLDER This item is hand sewn with waxed thread. The belt slips through the loop and the crescent shaped cut holds the pipe stem. Available in many colors with a fairly plain design. An initial could be added to the belt loop at no cost. Item BLPH. Price $9.95

Knife sheath for the belt.

KNIFE SHEATH These are hand sewn using waxed thread. The belt is threaded through slots through the top and a strap holds the knife securely in the sheath. Can utilize short name or initials in place of the basketweave design. Also stamped designs could be used.

On the right is the standard size which will hold a knife with a 5" blade. Item SKS. Price $17.95

On the left is the extra long size which will hold a knife with a 7 ½" blade. Item XLKS. Price $21.95

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